Women of God Ministries - "...I have called you by name; you are mine." Isaiah 43:1 (NAB)
Hezekiah Walker
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A Word From God's Daughter
As We Move Forward in 2012
As you move forward into the New Year, take a look back at what you have overcome. You never thought that you would of made it or that it will ever end. But it did, you have made it another year (thanks be to God). Just think about it, if it was not for Him, where would you be. That next meal you thought you were not going to eat, that money that you thought you were not going to receive, that illness that you thought you were not going to be healed from, that heartbreak that you thought you were not going to get over, that job you lost, that friend that hurt your feelings or did you wrong, your spouse that cheated on you,  I could go on and on, but I am not; no need too.
Our God is so good that He thought you were so special enough, that He decided to show you favor and bring you through.

He gave you strength that you did not know you had, you did not even know the strength you had was coming from from God. We don't understand why some things happen to us, but I do know, that God presence is always there. We just have to know that our God is a God of deliverance.
2 Timothy 4:18  "The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and will bring me safely to his heavenly kingdom".

Yes, you have been delivered by the Father, the Son; He has allowed you to start anew, so as you go into 2012, trust in Him even more. Know that God is your rock and fortress, He is there for you and me, to get us through this journey; a journey that we sometimes do not understand, but do know that God will get the glory. He is molding and shaping us constantly, day in and day out. We just have to obey His leading and directions and find comfort and peace in Him.

So my sisters as you encounter the next stepping stone in your life that does not feel good, know that the father is there with you in every step, please just trust in Him and in His word and He will see you through.

                                                                     Evangelist Dana 12/26/2011
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