Sharing Sister to Sister
As women we have so much we can share with one another. The words we share, can be from an event that took place in our lives, a trial, a celebration, ups or downs, no matter whatever they are, words can touch and change someone's life, when we least expect it. The tongue can speak life or death, 
we want to speak life! 
Below are words that we would like to share Sister to Sister.
"A Timely Reminder"

The tempter was a serpent 
(Satan in the form of a snake Genesis 3:1), 
thus suggesting that temptations come in disguise, quite unexpectedly, and that it often comes from a Subordinate (someone over whom one should have exercised dominion; Gen. 1:28) 

From Bible Knowledge Commentary 
John F. Walvoord and Roy B Zuck

                                                                                  Carolyn Smith

Sister Latonya Fisher-Grace

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