Women of God Ministries - "...I have called you by name; you are mine." Isaiah 43:1 (NAB)
Sharing Sister to Sister
As women we have so much we can share with one another. The words we share, can be from an event that took place in our lives, a trial, a celebration, ups or downs, no matter whatever they are, words can touch and change someone's life, when we least expect it. The tongue can speak life or death, we want to speak life! 
Below are words that we would like to share Sister to Sister.

I am so thankful to our God
that He allows us to go from "glory to glory " as we purpose to know Him better, that especially during this blessed Christmas season there is a sadness and a gladness as I experience this time to celebrate the "king of Kings and Lord of Lords birthday.   Sadness, that so many of us (even Christians) are caught up,to much in the secularism, which is so much a part of our culture, sad because we are seemingly forced to put aside that craving,to just be in His presence more than out shopping to buy that gift,that will only bring moments or hours of satisfaction.  Sad for those of us who have not come to recognize that we really need less of things and more of the Holy Spirit's presence through God's only son Jesus Christ.
   Glad, for another day to share the real reason for the season, glad to experience, even in the midst of the chaos,confusion and hectic schedules a peace,calm and serenity that is only a fraction of what awaits those who will endure unto the end..

In His name,

 Evangelist Velma Draper 12/29/2011
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