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Speak into My Life
Micah Stampley
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Into Your Life
What Are You Doing with Yourself “Woman of God”? 
(Word Time Lesson from Woman of God Mtg.)
Taught by Elder Keysha 
July /2011
How’s your prayer life?
When was the last time you sat in God’s presence?
                  How are your relationships doing?
Are people repulsed when they are in your presence?
             How do you want them to feel?
Are they glad to see you go, hate to see you come?
             How are you treating yourself?
When was the last time you looked in the mirror? Not at your face, but at your soul?
Do you like you? If no, how are you expecting other to?
This I’ve just given you is how to have J.O.Y. Jesus, Others, Yourself. 
See, we are EVERY WOMAN.  We rear children, nurture, love, listen and are expected to have dinner, laundry done and the house cleaned. 
Lets consider some of the women of the Bible:
Deborah (leader, Mother of Israel) she led Israel to be won by a woman.  She never did anything without praying to God and waiting for His answer.  This is how she became such a great woman.
Delilah (deceptive) we might want to call her deceptive, or was she really?  Or was she just being who she was? And it was Samson who didn’t care because of his love for her?  Think about it.
Naomi (Mother) Even though her own biological children were gone, she was still a wise, caring and nurturing mother to the wives of her sons.  Even in that she was blessed.
Women God has made us the nucleus, the center.  So if you’re the center, how is your atmosphere?  You can only give out what you take in.
*Spending time with God equals Peace, Pleasant Patience, and Kindness towards others, Goodness, Faithfulness.
*Neglecting to spend time with God equals, Frustration, Hectic, Rushed chaotic without and anchor feeling, Drowned.
In swimming, when someone is drowning the only way to save them is to first secure you.  If you go in with no strategy or harness to save them, they will take you under to save themselves because they are panicked and fearful.
How do you become every woman? Here are the Basics.
*Read/Study the Word of God
Note to self: 
In order to be EVERY WOMAN, you must first be God’s woman.
Proverbs 9:13; Proverbs 14:1
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