Women of God Ministries - "...I have called you by name; you are mine." Isaiah 43:1 (NAB)
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Sheria McElrath 07-03-2010
Here I may at times feel as if I just don't have enough to live this life, then God shows me I AM Jehovah Jirah. I supply all your needs when you need them, but only in my time. "I won't complain" As long as God got me, I'm secure. This is one man Ima make sure I keep around me foreva!!!!!!!!!!!!.
Baby Ruth Sutton 3/18/2010
It is awesome when God tell you to be still... Today I saw all Gods beauty in life Just sitting still talking with God I saw his hand moving life As I saw the sunset I shouted out I praise you God for today I saw your hand in life As I listen to you speak to me.
 Evangelist Velma Draper 3/31/2010
What an awesome God we have the privilege, honor and responsibility of getting to know ! And I know for sure that according to Job 42:2 that " there is nothing that He cannot do, and that no thought can be withholden from Him" I say halleluia to that because in the midst of the most difficult times of my life, He never left me nor forsook me, as a matter of fact He became bigger than my greatest foe... He truly is " not a man that He should lie, nor the son of man that He would change His mind" Glory to His Name! In His Name Sis. Velma
Baby Ruth Sutton-Williams 5/30/2010
Glory to the name of an awesome God... I worship before his Holy name today...To shout out Jesus' it's all about you! I felt a touch inside my heart it brought peace as the voice spoken watch my hand move on your behalf for I heard your prays and praise into my kingdom Now go tell the lost world I desire for them to come sit and talk with me tooo... God say's I love them tooooo... For I wait for you to talk with me... Tell them come worship me... Let me show them my Glory ...Now let wisdom come visit your heart as I speak to your spirit ... Scripturers Given... * James 2:5 *Proverbs 8:1-6 *Psalm 47:1-2-5-7 Tell them - My child I'm waiting...
Elder Keysha Conard 6/7/2010
Since joining the W.O.G.M I have experienced God on a new level. The fear that was there to go before people has disappeared. The inadequacey I thought I was is no longer there. To sit in one of these meetings with these ladies is enlightening and encouraging. They love on you regardless of what you were, or where you've been in your past. They uplift and cheer you on. After you've left a meeting with these ladies you feel like you've finally found a friend. I was told most people won't pick up a Bible to know Jesus, That they'll see Him in you. This statement is so true with these ladies. They really are WOMEN OF GOD! Thank you my sisters for loving me so.
Until we meet again God Bless you all abundantly!
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