Poetry Corner
God has Blessed the
Women of God Ministries,
 with many different gifts and talents;
 poetry happens to be one of them. We have a few
 that are writers of books and poetry.....thank you God
                              for the gifts and talents!
 God's Promise

 God. God has made me whole, God has made me rich, God has dug me out of even the deepest ditch. God is love, God is honest, God has always kept his promise.

Through this journey we walk spirituality hand in hand, see I know my God behind me because of the footprints in the sand. Defeat and negativity have no domain...and I am healed because he was slain. 
So next time you want to know how to do your job, be released and restored and trust nothing but God.

Caitlinn Janay Anderson
August 10th, 2017