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God's Daughter


Evangelist Dana accepted Jesus Christ while in elementary school. She LOVES THE LORD!! She is a worshiper and received her Call into the ministry from the Lord, February 2003. She holds both a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Management.

 Evangelist Dana is married to the love of her life and a man of God; Christopher Sr. they have been married for 29 years and out of their union came two children Christopher Jr. and Caitlinn.

Evangelist Dana is a Councilwoman for the City of Maple Heights and works for McKesson/CoverMyMeds Corporation.

She attends God's Miracle Temple Cleveland, Ohio; She is a servant for the Lord. The Lord uses her in Ministering to others as well as used her in Worshiping Him through the art of Praise dancing.

Dana has been a Christian Teen

Counselor for Pathways Family Outreach Services that is a part of the Cleveland, Ohio's City Mission.


She held a Young Adult Bible Study in her home (male & female) once a week. Meeting the young people where they are, allowing them to unlock the mysteries of Jesus Christ, so that they can understand their destiny, their walk and the word of God.

Evangelist Dana has a strong passion for women and young teen girls; she began in her home, bringing women together, allowing them to become free from bondage and the breaking of chains that shackled them in the name of Jesus Christ. Helping women to to understand their purpose, allowing Jesus to heal and deliver.

God gave Evangelist Dana the vision to take this ministry outside of her home to another level. Providing avenues to help enrich and restore the lives of women, becoming strong in broken places.

She currently holds a seat as a Councilwoman for the city of Maple Heights, Ohio, allowing God to use her in the Political realm.

God is so

Good...all the Glory goes to Him!!

I thank God for what He is doing in my life and the road He is leading me down. This journey sometimes is not easy, but when God has a plan for your life, He is with you all the way. I thank Him for allowing me to be one of His vessels as He uses me to minister unto His people, spreading the Good News of

Jesus Christ.

I thank God for my mother, who instilled in me without even knowing the heart of giving and outreach. Watching her, taught me the importance of reaching out to others, which has allowed me to share the word of God in many different ways.

As the Lord continues to manifest and birth the call on my life, I will allow the cultivation to take place while doing my best to serve in God's kingdom, doing His will.

God has placed me with a team of women that love the Lord and want to serve Him just as much as I do; my heart is overjoyed for each and everyone of them. Thank you Jesus for placing them right where you want them to be...that is serving in your kingdom.

I Give all praises unto my savior Jesus Christ... Dana 

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